San Francisco startup Flux Electric Bike is already over the $1M mark as crowdfunder continues

Flux Bike becomes highest crowdfunded e-bike in history

San Francisco startup Flux Electric Bike are already over the $1M mark as it’s crowdfunder continues via an Indiegogo page which can be found here.

Funding for the campaign currently stands at $1,434,681 with over 2322 unique backers donating in return for various different rewards including a discounted edition of the bike in an ‘early bird’ deal.

All three models of the bike are fitted with the same batteries as the Tesla Model S, and feature a mid motor in the crankshaft to increase user power. The Roadster and Trail models feature a 13A battery, whereas the Attack features a more powerful 17A version. 

Sagui Uscanga, co-founder of Flux Electric Bike, said: "We’ve fought, cried and almost kidnapped to get the best components at reasonable prices and it’s paying off. We still have 4 days left on the campaign and we’ve already started building the bikes!

"We are bike lovers and tech enthusiasts that want to revolutionize transportation in America with a healthier, more environmentally conscious option from cars. I believe your audience would be interested in how we’ve managed to get so far in the campaign, being a small startup with a team of 8."

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