Promech and the ACT have stands at the house-show and there are brand representatives from all over the world. Tucked away in corners are products unveiled for the first time in the UK, including a new range of Schwalbe tyres, a sugar-free recovery drink from Maxim, tons of carbon frames and pedals from Fisher's latest agency, and camo DH gloves from Troy Lee.

Fit to bursting at Fisher’s West Brom house-show

Schwalbe’s Evolution range gets new super-fat DH and cruiser tyres, featuring new rubber compounds such as Gooey Gluey and tougher carcasses.

The Al Mighty DH tyre – available in 2.35 and 2.6 widths – has a double carcass and sidewall reinforcement. It’s a toughie to fit, said Bohle’s Chris Hearn, but, even at low pressures, highly resistant to punctures.

The Super Moto 26 x 2.35 is a ‘super-racer’ re-jig of the Big Apple city slick, with Speedgrip compound and toughened carcass. It was designed for beach cruising but Hearn describes it as a fun tyre, ideal for MTB racing on concrete surfaces.

Squire has a range of new coil locks that may be budget but still pass the Sold Secure standard.

"Camo is the new black," said Fisher’s marketing manager, Alan Gunner, referring to Troy Lee’s camo DH pants and gloves.

Who makes helmets for big heads? That’s a common query on the bulletin board and now Italian helmet brand MET joins the list of companies offering bonce protection for giants. The 320 gr Testagrossa comes in one oversize: 61/64cm. Testagrossa is Italian for ‘big head’.

2004 is Fisher’s 70th year in business. The company was founded by Gordon and Trevor Fisher’s grandfather.

The Fisher show runs until Sunday pm.

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