Rotational design of 2Face to 'double the lifespan' of cleats, says firm

Fibrax to introduce ‘revolutionary cleat’ at Cycle Show

In an interesting expansion away from the braking product Fibrax is known for, the firm will introduce what it says is a ‘revolutionary cleat’ at the Cycle Show.

The new Fibrax 2Face cleat is compatible as a Look Keo replacement cleat and allows ‘instant replacement anywhere’, according to the firm.

Once the cleat starts to show wear the rider simply unscrews the mounting bolts, rotates the connecting plate and reassembles. This means you get twice as much life out of 2Face cleats as traditional designs.

Designer and keen cyclist Dave Savage, said: “It is one of the constant complaints of cyclists that they have to replace cleats on a regular basis. I wanted to come up with a way to extend their life without compromising on safety or comfort. The result was 2Face cleats.”

The Fibrax 2Face will be available from October 2012 through selected wholesalers and distributors. The UK retail price is £17.99.

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