Exposure Lights launches 2024 range with upgraded lumen outputs

Exposure Lights has launched its 2024 range of off-road and road lights.

The products, all designed, engineered and made in the UK, benefit from upgraded lumen outputs to complement the brand’s rider lead technologies.

Off-road products in the 2024 range will feature Reflex, Tap, and Sync technology.

Reflex is a technology found on Exposure’s mountain bike bar lights that ensures the rider gets the light they need when they need it.

In short, when going fast or downhill – more light, slow or uphill – less light, all done automatically no adjusting required. Reflex technology uses 3D digital accelerometers including a gyroscope to sense movement, the light then checks with thermistors to determine what immediate changes there are in the outside temperature.

Combining this information, Reflex dials up or down the lumen output optimising battery power to save it for when it’s really needed. An AI profile is built up over the ride to make sure that the run times given are the run times achieved.

Sync allows the rider to control the light with a remote switch and to make custom programs in the Exposure SyncApp. Additionally, both helmet and handlebar lights can be controlled at the same time with a single remote via Bluetooth connectivity.

The road range benefits from Aktiv, Reakt, Peloton mode and a Be Seen Be Safe setting.

Aktive is Exposure’s road specific bar-light technology, taking inspiration from the car industry by automatically dipping the beam when an oncoming vehicle is detected.

This avoids dazzling the driver, yet aims to leave sufficient light for the rider to see and to be safely seen.

Exposure claims that Reakt technology is “the pinnacle” of smart rear bike lights.

Flaring up automatically under braking and adapting to the surrounding light conditions to maintain maximum contrast and visibility.

By conserving power when not needed, Exposure says Reakt can then almost double the maximum output of non-Reakt models while keeping the same form factor.

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Building on the foundations of Reakt, Peloton mode uses the same smart technology to register a cyclist’s presence behind and automatically dim its output.

Once the rider moves to the back of the pack, Peloton mode will increase its output back up, keeping the whole peloton visible.

Be Seen Be Safe is a bespoke pulse pattern designed for daylight use which is more visible than a regular pulse and claimed to be detectable from over a kilometre away, even in the brightest conditions.

The Exposure Lights B2B has been updated with the new range now available to order.

For more information, or to set up an account, contact the Ultimate Sports Engineering team via email, info@use.group or call 01798 839300.

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