European Cyclists' Federation needs letters of support from bike companies to lobby for EU cycle commuting initiatives.

Euro bike advocacy group seeks letters of support from bike companies

The European Cyclists’ Federation is working on an EU funding proposal to pay for a major expansion in cycle commuting initiatives. It could bring nearly €2 million into cycling if successful and involves 10 countries collaborating. ECF is a lead partner along with a successful EU projects agency in Austria called FGM Amor.

This proposal could deliver a lot more cyclists through practical actions, said ECF’s new Development Director, Kevin Mayne.

"It will demonstrate to local and national governments the benefit of targeting specific trip types in a focussed way so it will support our advocacy."

Mayne said the ECF was after some letters of support from the industry, industry media and allied sectors that show commitment to commuter cycling.

"This can be generic or you can say something specific about your commitment to the cycle commuting market," said Mayne.

"It would really help us if you could put a letter on to your letterhead and return to me as a PDF by Monday 23rd April.
No financial contribution is needed."



Austrian Mobility Research


Mr. Karl Reiter

Schönaugasse 8a8010




On behalf of xxx, [insert name of your company] I declare our willingness to support the project Bike 2 Work co-ordinated by Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität FGM-AMOR Austrian Mobility Research. 

If the project is selected for funding within the STEER programme of EACI we will support the project by: 

•Supporting and promoting cycle commuting as an important and valued part of the cycling market•Working with the project partners to identify areas that could boost cycling commuting•Further developing bicycles and equipment that will appeal to cycling commuters and raise the image of cycling to work •Providing information and other material about the optimal equipment for cycling commuters•Publicising the work of the partners and the planned activities to our business networks, customers and agents

We will support the project and disseminate the outcomes of the project via our own means and media in order to increase the knowledge within our markets about the most effective ways that cycle commuting can be increased. 

Yours sincerely,



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