Barclays Business Systems is a long-standing EPoS/IT supplier to the motorbike, car and marine retail trades, has now adapted its offerings for use in the bicycle trade. Barclays' Cycletech system is modular, runs on Windows-equipped PCs and does not need EPoS terminals.

EPoS/IT specialist tailors offering for IBDs

Barclays Business Systems has authoringbusiness management software since 1986. Biketech, the EPoS software for the motorcycle trade, is used by 500+ motorcycle dealers in the UK and Ireland.

"Over the last few years we have been approached by a number of cycle dealers who also have ties or contacts within the motorcycle trade, wanting to try out our software," said Jon Porter, sales manager at Bournemouth-based Barclays Business Systems

"We established that Biketech could be altered tosuit cycle dealers’ requirements. We also noticed that the cycle market didn’t really have a direct equivalent to Biketech being used by a majority of cycle dealers."

The Cycletech software has a core business module augmented by a suite of optional, integrated, tag-on modules.

"This means that Cycletech can be designed around the companies’ specific business requirements by only using the modules they require," said Porter.

"The software enables a standard PC to double as the till. The advantage we have had over competition in the motorcycle industry has been down to the easy to use software but, more importantly, due to the subsequent help and support we provide.

"Most of our customers can’t justify employing an IT specialist full time to look after their systems. We become our customer’s IT department. We are available 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and 10am-5pm on Saturdays."

Tel: 0845 644 9424


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