Customers must register online at time of purchase to take advantage of scheme

ENVE adopts five-year warranty programme

ENVE Composites is rolling out a new Five-Year Warranty Programme, which goes into effect immediately.

Alongside ENVE’s existing Lifetime Crash Replacement, the new policy is – ENVE said – sending out positive messages to consumers that ENVE rims and components are built to last.

ENVE said it encourages cyclists to use their high-end carbon rims every time they go for a ride, rather than sitting idle except for race day.

"In my first month of learning about Enve products, the production processes, and extensive testing I realised we have industry leading quality standards," explained ENVE’s national sales manager Ronnie Points. "We have special products yet our warranty was the same as everyone else’s. After researching our return rate with testing and production, it only made sense for us to show consumers how much we believe in and can stand behind our products."

VP of operations Joe Stanish added: “Because we manufacturer 100 per cent of our rims here in Ogden, we have the unique ability to control our tooling, manufacturing, and quality. This allows us to confidently offer this unique warranty to our customers.”

ENVE’s new Five-Year Warranty Programme protects the original purchaser of any ENVE rim or component from defect in materials or workmanship for the period of five years from the date of purchase with proof of purchase. All ENVE customers will benefit from this programme.

ENVE requires that customers register their ENVE product at the time of purchase using ENVE’s online registration form.

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