“Enormously useful, surprisingly smaller” – Tern launches HSD

Tern has launched its latest urban e-bike – the HSD.

The “mini but mighty” new build will make its debut at the Urban Mobility Media Days in Frankfurt from 10th-11th July.

The HSD, which is just 170cm long – designed to handle tight spaces and “go easily where other bikes won’t” is set to arrive in shops in Q1 2020.

According to Tern, the HSD flips up for convenient vertical parking and elevator rides and can be flat-folded in seconds to go into bus racks and SUVs.

The mid-sized cargo bike offers impressive hauling capacity considering its small stature – its maximum gross vehicle weight comes in at 170kg (374lb).

“Many e-bikes on the market look like standard bikes with motor systems and batteries wedged in,” stated Josh Hon, Tern team captain.

“We started the HSD project with the goal of designing a better, more useful, e-bike. That meant wiping away pre-conceived notions for things like frame design, riding geometry, and wheel size. The result is the HSD, a small bike that is just much more useful.”

The HSD is equipped with several safety features that make it ready for “almost any situation”: integrated front and rear lights, hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power, puncture-resistant tires, and reflective decals. The HSD is powered by Bosch’s next generation Performance Line or Active Line Plus motors.

“In the last two years, we created the Vektron and the GSD, both of which excel in their categories,” added Eric Lin, director of product development at Tern.

“But there’s this third category, an e-bike designed not for the niche but for almost everybody. It doesn’t fold to a tiny size or carry 200 kg, but simply does the standard stuff better. Finally, there’s a bike that you and I will want to use daily, a companion for greener transportation. The HSD is the future of urban e-bikes, now.”


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