But very little in the way of an apology to Toby Hockley in ITV News interview

Emma Way apologises for ‘definitely knocked a cyclist off tweet’

Now infamous for her ‘definitely knocked a cyclist off’ tweet, trainee accountant Emma Way, 21, has apologised for her actions in an interview with ITV News.

"It was a spur of the moment thing, i didn’t realise it would escalate like this," said Way. "I posted a stupid Tweet, social networks get blown way out of proportion and i’m sorry for… I didn’t realise it would ever escalate to this. I’m getting severely bad named, my career is possibly over."

Way, who was accompanied by her solicitor, then confirms that she has been suspended from the accountancy firm where she works following the collision in Snetterton on Sunday.

Way added: "If i did cause any damage to him (Toby), i would obviously apologise, but i didn’t feel like my car even touched him. If I knew that he was hurt I would never have driven off, that’s not in my nature. I don’t want any cyclists to think I have hatred against them, i’m a cyclist myself. All I can do is apologise."

Hockley has since told Road.cc that he was thrown up onto the bonnet of the car, but miraculously only suffered minor cuts and bruising.

View the ITV interview here.

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