Despite the headlines generated by Twitter bike crash boaster, getting on a bike is still more beneficial to your health than shunning two wheels

Cycling benefits outweigh risks 20:1

There’s a good chance you’ve read the flurry of headlines this week following he sadly un-ironic tweet reading "Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier – I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax! #bloody cyclists".

Following the inevitable calls for cyclists to pay ‘road tax’ and generally be a bit more careful in avoiding motorists who own the road, the issue of cycle safety has also, naturally, been given an airing.

In a piece of fortuitous timing, Osbornes Solicitors has launched an infographic and video weighing up the benefits and risks of cycling, the infographic bearing the words – "the health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks by around 20:1".

Sadly the majority of the video is weighted heavily to cover the risks of cycling and then provide advice to cyclists on how to ride safer – though with some slightly more enlightened guidance, including encouraging riders not to stick to the curb.

The infographic, however, finishes with the message: "The government are making small steps forwards making cycling safer for all, but more needs to be done. Local campaigners are currently calling for a better relationship between cyclists and motorist as well as improvements to legislation to protect those on bikes."

Head of personal injury at Osbornes Solicitors Stuart Kightley commented: “Our infographic and video show there are 17,000 cyclist deaths or injuries in reported road accidents every year. Most of these occur during the daytime and, shockingly, 20 per cent of those killed or injured are children. It seems strange then, that Britain holds one of the best cycle safety rankings for children in Europe.

“Despite the risks, the advantages of cycling must not be overlooked. In fact, the benefits gained from cycling actually far outweigh the dangers. For example, you can burn around 600 calories for every hour of cycling, which is great news for your health. It’s beneficial to the environment too, with over 1000km to be travelled on the energy equivalent of a single litre of petrol.”

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