Members of the British Electric Bicycle Association do not believe twist and go bikes are akin to mopeds

E-bike debate: BEBA’s view

BEBA was created to represent the views of electric bike suppliers, especially those new to the trade.

BEBA issued the following statement:

"We confirm that as an association we do not have any bias towards the use of independent throttles. We do however feel it is important to impartially state the facts regarding the current regulations allowing different control systems. We are keen to endorse the flexibility this provides for different users of electric bicycles. We understand that any changes in ruling will not be retrospective so consumers do not risk purchasing a product they cannot use in the future.

"BEBA only supports electric bicycles that meet current regulations and only accepts as members companies who offer the highest level of service and customer care. As an authority in the UK with respect to electric bikes we are pleased to be consulted by and to be working with DfT, DfH, CTC, ETRA, LEVA, the cycle press and other members of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group to ensure transparency and the highest possible standards for electric bicycles in the UK.

"At our recent presentation to MP’s and Peers at the House of Lords we continued to forge and strengthen links within the DfT, the DfH and other government departments to create a climate of opinion at all levels that is favorable to EPACs of all types."

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