DyedBro’s gravel and all road frame protection kits now available

DyedBro has announced that its gravel and all road frame protection kits are now available.

This new kit has been designed specifically for gravel and all road bikes, featuring a new shape and the inclusion of fork protectors.

The brand said: “Gravel bikes can be subject to as much wear as mountain bikes – the carrying of luggage, rough terrain and general adventuring can all take their toll. As we have been riding our adventure bikes more and more over the last few years we felt it was the right time to make a kit just for them.”

Kits are in stock now and ready to ship. Each kit contains 12 pre-cut sections.

1. Downtube, measuring 42.5cm in length and 7.3cm in width
2. Top Tube, measures 53cm in total when used with the 2 sections designed for longer tubes. Generally a M/54cm bike will use just the large section, an L/XL bike may require the extra bits
3. Seatstays x 2, measuring 39cm in length and 2.4cm wide
4. Chainstay x 1 at 9cm long and at it's maximum, 4.2 cm wide
5. Forks x 2, again measuring 39cm in length but at 5.3cm in width these work with a wide variety of forks
6. Three additional round patches – for cables rub
7. Also included is an installation tool

DyedBro manufactures a range of frame protection kits for all types of bike in a variety of designs. There is also a range of soft goods/apparel for on and off the bike, plus other accessories. Dealer enquires can be sent to info@dyedbro.com.

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DyedBro is distributed in the UK by Apex Distribution, which launched in 2020 to provide MTB brands to dealers. Based just outside of Bedford, Apex was founded to support mountain bike workshop Plush Suspension, with the aim of providing dealers with brands that are strong in both online sales and in-store purchases.

Mat Clark from Apex recently told BikeBiz: “Our current range of brands is small but we are growing and our focus for 2022-23 is simply to grow our relationships with some key MTB dealers in the UK and give them all the help they need to retail our brands effectively.

“Our biggest seller is DyedBro frame protection and clothing. It’s super easy to use, has an incredible price point for the quality and above all, they are just awesome people to deal with and we love it! With loads of designs and universal fit, it’s an awesome ‘spot buy’ product for shops that want something slightly different to the norm.”

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