DT Swiss launches its newest downhill rim, the FR541

DT Swiss has launched its newest downhill rim, the FR541.

The FR 541 aspires to be the “last rim you build on your bike”, said DT Swiss. The new rim design enables improved impact resistance and better pinch flat protection.

In order to increase the impact resistance, the brand said it used a different profile design than the current freeride and downhill rim, the FR 560. Years of experience and knowledge in aluminium rim development allowed engineers to develop a more impact-resistant rim.

The profile of the FR 541 is based on the EX rim profiles but has had material added in specific areas, increasing the overall strength of the profile to create a rim adapted and durable to the practice of freeride and downhill.

The FR 541 also benefits from increased protection against punctures by pinching. This feature is due to a new shape of the rim hooks where the upper part has been widened. The FR 541 is also lighter than the FR 560 due to the reworking of the rim profile while becoming more resistant.

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The FR541 features:

Improved pinch flat protection
Tests conducted with a leading tyre supplier showed a 17% increase in pinch flat resistance compared to the previous FR 560 rim.

Available in 29″ and 650B with 28 or 32 spoke count
Ride in full 29″, full 27,5″ or mullet. The FR 541 is available in both sizes and both sizes are available in 28 or 32 spoke count.

Welded rim
The welding process on aluminium rims is the most resistant joining method of the DT Swiss aluminum portfolio.

Increase resistance with PHR system
The PHR system increases the load-bearing surface of the nipples on the rim and reduces localised stresses.

Personalise the ride
The FR 541 comes with three additional stickers to match the rider’s style.

RRP is £99.99.

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