Dockless bike-share boom: the operators speak

Dockless bike-share is booming – why and for how long? Listen to what the operators have to say in the Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable podcast. BikeBiz editor-at-large Carlton Reid spoke to Antonia Roberts of bike share industry org BikePlus; Tom McGovern of Urbo; Joseph Seal-Driver of Ofo; and Steve Pyer of Mobike.

Here’s what Reid asked of the company principals:

Which description do you prefer? Free-floating, stationless, dockless?

Tell us why dockless/free-floating/stationless will not stop people buying their own bikes …

Is the dockless bike share explosion a winner-takes-all thing, or will there always be room for many companies?

Loads of cars can be be parked in a neighbourhood and nobody bats an eyelid. One or two dockless bikes are left in the middle of footways and there are letters to local newspapers, what gives?

What can dockless companies do to combat this supposed “littering”?

Does your app track users just before and just after a successful hire?

Bluegogo went under in China leading to speculation the dockless bike share sector is a “bubble” – what’s your reaction to that?

How can bike-share schemes get more women on bikes?

How can bike-share schemes encourage use by low-income communities? 

Regulation by local authorities is a hot potato – what sort of regulations would you want to see brought in? 


This episode of the BikeBiz-connected podcast is the third show so far in 2018. The Spokesmen Roundtable Industry Podcast is an American show, and is now on its 177th episode. It first aired in August 2006. Reid has been with the podcast since the first episode, and along with founder David Bernstein he is now co-owner and main host of the show..

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