Cyclists & pedestrians use A-roads too but new roads minister says "I want motorists to have a say in *their* roads."

DfT sends out press release saying roads belong to motorists

The new minister for cycling, Robert Goodwilll, has been quoted in a Department For Transport press release saying, in effect, that motorists are the ‘owners’ of Britain’s trunk roads. 

Speaking on the controversial subject of the proposed semi-privatisation of the Highways Agency, Goodwill said: "I want motorists to have a greater say in how their roads are run and that is why I have proposed an independent watchdog – free from government – is set up to make sure the Highways Agency is delivering the wants, needs and expectations of motorists."

Why only motorists? The Highways Agency is in charge of the UK’s motorway and trunk road network. There are many places in the UK where the only road is an A-road. Such roads are used by pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and equestrians.

The press release suggests, wrongly, that roads were built for the sole use of cars. Failing to take into account road users other than motorists is a major embarrassment for the newly-appointed Goodwill. Ironically, he is also the minister in charge of walking and cycling.

Read the duff Department For Transport press release here. is calling on the DfT to retract the release and correct the mistake.

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