Technology used for cats and dogs is available for bicycles...and just about anything else

Cycle theft update: Got your bike chipped?

The enduring topic of how to protect bicycles from bike theft has seen the launch of ‘chipping’ for bicycles.

Using the same microchips used for pet identification, with the same proven technology and widey available scanners to read them, the chips cost £40. 

According to, three microchips are attached to the bike, one on the frame and one on each of the wheels. The firm said that getting the chips off will mean having to use a hammer and chisel, potentially harming the value of the product stolen.

With large numbers of stolen bikes recoved (48 per cent in the US), few are reunited with their owners. There are already bike registering schemes in the UK, and this chip system offers a similar service.

The company said: "These chips may be tiny but they represent a huge challenge for thieves, fences and receivers of stolen goods. Not only do have they to find them, no easy matter but they have to remove them and repair the damage caused in doing so.

"The chips are so small that they will fit into almost anything. We have put them into everything from scaffolding poles to bricks, musical instruments, power tools, tennis racquets saddles, classic cars, caravans, handbags, golf bags, camera bags, gun cases, fishing rods, stamp collections. The list could go on.

"The chips are exactly the same as the ones that are used for animals. They meet international standard ISO 11784/5. Additionally our chips have been tested by the International Committee for Animal Recording, the body responsible for compliance with the standards to ensure that the number is unique and unalterable.

"We decided to use these standards because they are globally recognised and scanners able to read our chips are available all over the world."

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There’s more on bike theft here.

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