Tomorrow sees 'Bike v Design' at London's Design Museum, featuring industry folks from Brooks, Charge & Moulton & others.

Design Museum stages bike evening

The Design Museum in London is staging ‘Bike v Design’ on the evening of Friday, 7th September. Starting at 6.30pm the event costs £15 (£7.50 for members). The event is beind held alongside the museum’s current exhibition exploring the tension between sport and design, Designed to Win.

The evening features talks, a pop-up cinema and live performances.

Nick Larsen from Charge, Sam Alison from Singular and Ben Spurrier from Condor Cycles will give talks.

Karta Healy’s London bus of bikes will be parked outside the museum. This double-decker bus features over 20 bespoke and concept bicycles.

Inside the museum there will be a demonstration on saddle manufacturing from Brooks England, a talk from Ricky Feather and Matthew Sowter on their Push Projects books and the Bicycle Academy examining the art and skill of bike frame design. Jacqui Shannon, organise of the Tweed Run, will also give a talk. The Cosmic Bike Polo Team will explain the sport of bicycle polo. Other contributors include the London Bike Kitchen and Brixton Cycles. A pop-up cinema on the museum’s second floor will screen films from the Bicycle Film Festival.

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