Anybody want to wear the sweat-wicking tech t-shirt worn by Laurent Jalabert in the Tour de France? His would be a bit wiffy by now but a new company is bringing in the marque he wore. Vangàrd of Denmark sponsors the CSC - Tiscali Professional Cycling Team

Debut of Vangàrd cycle clobber (and the stands to dislay it all from)

There are probably lots of dumb roadies out there who still out the miles in wearing cotton tshirts under their Lycra-mix cycling kit.

The pros know better. They wear tech fabrics made from sweat-wicking man-made fibres.

Vangàrd clothing of Denmark is chocka with examples of hi-tech fabrics to make cycling more comfortable. MTS Cycle has 300% elasticity and is from DuPont’s Dacron polyester micro fibres, spun so that it gets small fuzzy fibres, which leads the sweat toward the core of the thread and away from the body.

Triplex, says Vangàrd, is “nothing less than the creation of the impossible.”

It’s a tech fabric sandwich where the first, next to the skin layer is a wicking one bonded to a wind and waterproof and elastic membrane layer.

Ian Fulcher of Impress Distribution is bringing Vangàrd to the UK and will sell via retailers only.

His company also produces bespoke display stands (so far for golf retailers), which can be ordered to display Vangàrd clothing.

“I am also hoping in the next few weeks to tie updistribution rights to a range of cycle helmets from Italy and gradually build up my company’s portfolio of cycling products,” Fulcher told

And he’s open to new ideas:

“I would gratefully accept any advice from people with more knowledge of the cycle trade than myself.”

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