Without a commercial sponsor (a breakfast cereal manufacturer could be on the cards) Bike Week won't happen in 2002. Part of the visibility problem this year was the name: the Festival of Cycling doen't have quite the same feel

What’s the future for ‘National Bike Week’?

Nick Harvey, ex of CTC and the freelance 2001 Festival of Cycling co-ordinator has made some recommendations to the Festival of Cycling Liaison Group and the Government about how to progress the UK’s annual nation-wide "celebration of cycling". –

If it is to be centrally co-ordinated next year Harvey has suggested the following:

1. The Festival should go back to its original name. ‘National Bike

Week’ is the title overwhelmingly popular with local event organisers.

2. It should run from 15th to 23rd June, with the possibility of IBD-run Dr Bike cycle safety checks before the week itself.

3. The Bike2Work theme should be promoted all week rather than just a single Bike2Work Day as this year and in previous years.

4. Headline a dozen huge ‘Bike Breakfasts’ (supported by a possible new sponsorship deal with a cereals producer)

5. Focus on leisure/utility cycling events. Sport events could still register should not be actively pro moted.

6. Offer more support to local event organisers, including free public liability insurance and media relations help.

All eminently sensible suggestions, then.

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