Datatag launches two new bicycle marking systems

Datatag has launched two new bicycle marking systems, the Electric Bicycle system and the Ultimate Bicycle system.

“Datatag understands the value of your bicycle and wants to help you keep it unique and protected with its trusted marking technology,” said a statement. “The permanent passive protection creates a unique identity for your bicycle and all the components making it easier to identify your bicycle in a lineup and if it is stolen.

“As the technology is permanent it is almost impossible to remove, stopping thieves from changing the identity of your bicycle easily.”

The new Electric Bicycle system has specific technology designed to protect the battery. The system uses the Datatag technology including UV etching, ultra destruct labels, tamper-evident warning labels and Datatdots.

Datatag has also launched an Ultimate system that combines all of its technology into one system that will now be suitable for any type of bicycle, it said. The previous UV Pro and Ti Pro systems have been combined to increase the usability of the systems for everyone.

Systems are now available for sale on its webshop or through retailers across the UK. For distribution enquiries, contact the team at Chicken CycleKit.

Read the May issue of BikeBiz below:

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