The Boost – an ultra-light folding e-bike – enters the market

Dahon unveils electric bike

Dahon has today revealed details of a folding electric bicycle – the Boost.

Set to be showcased at the forthcoming Eurobike show, the Boost has been two years in the making with a Japanese technology partner and boasts sophisticated motor and torque sensors that add power proportionally to what the rider applies to the pedals.

With a 250W motor with a top speed of 25 km per hour, the Boost uses a 3×3 gearing system that allows for nine different riding modes for variable electric assistance and can also be used as a standard bike when the electric drive system is turned off.

With a folding process of just 15 seconds, the fully equipped weight of the Boost is 19.6kgs, making it one of the lightest electric bikes on the market.

Dahon vice president Joshua Hon said: “There are some very good electric bikes on the market already but there aren’t many good ‘portable’ electric bikes.”

“Electric bikes are a really compelling product for urban mobility with excellent growth potential but most are really heavy and difficult to transport. A truly portable electric bike can be rolled onto trains and buses and will really help to expand the usefulness of the category. In the cities of the future, we believe that most inner city transport will be a combination of personal transport (walking, bikes) and trains and buses.”

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