Eddie Eccleston joins Dahon board as Josh Hon creates new folding bike brand

Dahon unfolds

Next Saturday Josh Hon, the Global VP Sales Marketing at Dahon and who has been steering the Dahon brand for nearly 20 years, will present a new folding bike brand in Taiwan to international journalists flown in for the launch. BikeBiz has a journalist attending the launch and will provide an in-depth story of the new brand.

Josh Hon and Dahon’s complete former international team in Taiwan and abroad will be part of the new brand. Josh Hon is the son of Dr David Hon, founder of Dahon.

Meanwhile, trade veteran Eddie Eccleston of the UK joins the Dahon board, as does Henry Hon, original co-founder of Dahon.

Eccleston was hired by Dr Hon last year to head up a private-label spin off from Dahon. He was formerly the MD of British Eagle, was president of COLIBI for three years, was in charge of an MBO at Ideal Cycles and has been a consultant to Professional and other companies. He has taken on the role of Global Sales and Marketing Director for the Dahon Group.
Dahon held a meeting for its worldwide distribution partners in Croatia last week. Sixty Dahon distributors and suppliers gathered for the 4th Annual Dahon International Distributors Conference.

Dahon previewed its 2012 product range, to be officially launched at Eurobike.

One of the other announcements made during the week was that all future Dahon bikes for the European market will be assembled in Bulgaria via Maxcom. 

Outside Europe, Dahon will continue production at its main factory in Shenzhen, China, and has plans in place for a new factory in central China, with an initial production capacity of 700,000 bike units per year. Another facility, near Beijing, produces Dahon bikes for the Chinese market.

Dahon CEO Dr. David Hon, who founded Dahon in 1982, said: "Dahon bicycles have played a major role in raising interest in the foldable bike market. The increasing market in folding bikes presents a major opportunity for our company to show its full capabilities.

“We are excited about the new developments as they will greatly improve quality and delivery times for all our markets in the short-term and secure our continued growth in light mobility in the long-term."

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