The Capreo gruppo is designed for folding bicycles and Dahon - as a Shimano development partner for the new components - gets first crack of the whip...

Dahon debuts first bikes with Shimano’s new folder-specific groupset

Dahon will unveil the first Capreo-equipped bikes at Eurobike, Friedrichshafen, next week.

“Folding bicycles are entering the mainstream and there’s no better sign of this than Shimano’s interest in this market segment,” said Joshua Hon, Dahon vice president of sales and marketing.

“Over the last 20 years, there have never really been specific components for folding bicycles – we’ve had to custom design and manufacture most of the special components that we use. Obviously it makes it a lot easier for us when Shimano enters the market with components designed specifically for our bikes. We’re very honoured that Shimano chose to work with us on the development of this new group.”

A Shimano statement returned the compliment:

“In the coming years, bicycles will play an increasingly important role in transportation, especially in crowded urban centres. Folding bicycles in particular, will play a very important part in helping solve the transport problems that already face us. When we decided to work on this project, we approached Dahon, a market leader that has worked for 20 years to build the folding bicycle market to where it is today.”

The Shimano Capreo group includes a rear derailleur, shifter, brakes, hubs, cranks, and bottom bracket. All are customized for the specific requirements of small-wheeled folding bicycles. The most significant feature of the new Capreo group is the 9-speed drive train featuring a 9-26 teeth cassette, allowing for more optimal gearing.

Dahon has specced Capreo components on its Vx 9.0 and Helios P9 models which will be available in January 2003.

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