CTC releases illustration showing how UK towns and cities could be made into 'Cycletopia' using existing best practice examples

Cycling utopia is possible, says CTC

CTC, Britain’s oldest cycling organisation, has commissioned an illustration showing how UK towns and cities could be transformed for the better if best-practice examples of people-friendly urban planning were given free rein.

‘Cycletopia’ includes cars and trucks shunted to the periphery, better cycle integration with trains, 20mph zones in the central business district, and a linked-up network of bike paths. The fantasy town – chocka with happy smiley people on bikes and on foot – also has a bike factory, a bike-friendly pub, a bike co-op and a bike shop (complete with large sign advertising a discount for CTC members).

The fantasy town was the result of a survey asking CTC members what they’d like to see in a cycling utopia

While it’s a fantasy, CTC said all of Cycletopia’s cycle-friendly features were based on existing real-world examples.

Cycletopia has fewer cars. "Quieter, cleaner streets mean more visitors and a more vibrant economy," said CTC.

HGVs have no place in Cycletopia, said CTC. A truck picking up deliveries from the bike factory is van-sized, and presumably this would trundle out of town on the 20mph streets and link up with an HGV on the town’s perimeter.

"Removing lorries from busy streets at peak time is best," said CTC.

The CTC’s fantasy town has high-quality cycle provision on main roads and at junctions.

And CTC said a vibrant bike shop scene is vital to encourage a "cycling culture".

"A good, friendly local bike shop that pro ides a range of cycles for different types of cyclist is invaluable," said CTC.

Cycletopia is online as an example of joining up best practice ideas, promoted as the go-to place for showing planners and politicians that creating a better environment for cyclists is a worthwhile investment.

"Time and again, those with the power to make decisions have said that cycling levels in Denmark and Holland cannot be replicated over here," claimed the CTC.

"However, Cycletopia shows that many of the steps required have already been taken around the UK."

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