CUBE unveils 2022 collection

CUBE has unveiled its 2022 collection of bikes, with new models and upgrades across its line-up.

The brand is adding a brand new folding e-bike to its range. The CUBE Fold Hybrid is based on the CUBE Compact Hybrid, a compact one-size-fits-all e-bike introduced two years ago. It will be available in two versions: one with chain and derailleur and one with a belt drive and gear hub.

The 2022 CUBE Cargo Hybrid will be available next year in a new colourway, in addition to the all-black version of last year. With optional accessories including a child seat – with two seatbelts – and rain cover, the Cargo Hybrid 500 is “all you need to quickly, safely and easily get your precious cargo from A to B”.

The next newcomer in CUBE’s touring and trekking range is the CUBE Supreme Hybrid, the successor to the CUBE Town Hybrid. For the new frame, CUBE uses its smooth-welding technique. The PowerTube design incorporates the Bosch battery inside the frame. In addition, the Supreme Hybrid is equipped with slim tires, with a neat overflow towards the rims. The Bosch drive unit works seamlessly with Shimano’s 7-speed hub gears. A Sport version with derailleur will also be available.

The Touring Hybrid and Kathmandu Hybrid will also be featured in the 2022 range. The Touring Hybrid is equipped with a slightly wider tyre, which provides more volume and better stability. In addition, the saddle and grips have been improved for extra comfort. The Kathmandu Hybrid EXC is now equipped with a new integrated luggage carrier, called IC3. There are five different models of the Kathmandu Hybrid available, each with different components.

The CUBE Nature Hybrid and Cross Hybrid have been incorporated into the CUBE Nuride Hybrid series. These bikes will only be available with an Easy Entry frame and will be fully equipped with mudguards, lights, carrier and kickstand.

CUBE has also upgraded the entire hardtail A-series mountain bikes. The Aim, Analog, Attention, Acid and the entry-level Reaction get a new frame with an improved standover height. The top tube slopes down faster and thus offers more space. In addition, these bikes all get a new mounting point for a flat-mount kickstand. Another upgrade within CUBE’s hardtail segment has to do with the suspension – the Attention, Acid and Reaction models all get an air suspension fork.

There are also a lot of developments in the full suspension segment. One of the big new upgrades can be found in the AMS series. These bikes get a new and lighter frame. There are two different models in this series: the AMS ZERO99 C:68X and the AMS ONE11 C:68X. The AMS ZERO99 has a slightly shorter frame than the AMS ONE11. The AMS ONE11 is slightly longer, has more travel at the front, and slightly wider tyres.

CUBE has an extensive collection of mountain bikes – and this year it has decided to make it a ‘little bit more organised’ by incorporating the Women Specific Sting series in the Stereo 120 series. This means there are more Stereo 120 models, which also improves the sizing for women within this series. The full suspension Stereo 150 will have a C:62 carbon frame which consists of 62% carbon.

The Stereo 170 models feature improved geometry and have a new name. The new Stereo ONE77 models feature a shorter seat tube and an optimised frame for both air and coil suspension. The Stereo ONE77 is also available in size XXL.

CUBE will release seven Reaction Hybrid e-hardtails. Within this series, CUBE uses three different Bosch drive units. All Reaction Hybrids can be easily converted into a so-called Allroad version. This means that the bike can be equipped with mudguards, lights, a carrier and a kickstand. CUBE has also created a new seat post clamp with an integrated Allen key. The Reaction Hybrids also get the new mounting point for the flat-mount kickstand.

Within the e-full suspension range of CUBE, there are some general improvements this year. For example, there is a new cover for the charging port and all SL and SLT models get a cleaner look, due to the cable routing which will run through the head tube. There will be smaller sizes available for the Stereo Hybrid 120 and 140 models, which will also have split wheel sizes. The Stereo Hybrid 140 also gets a lighter frame with 14% weight reduction. And the Stereo Hybrid 160 also features improved geometry with a longer reach and optimized wheel path.

CUBE has reviewed its entire (off-)road collection and released new models alongside other improvements. From this year on, all CUBE road bikes will be equipped with disc brakes.

The Agree C:62 is a road bike made for cyclists who want to perform comfortably, said CUBE. This year, this carbon race bike series will have a completely new frame which is even more aerodynamic. The new frame saves ten watts, compared to the previous model. In addition, the top models within the Agree C:62 range, the SL and SLT, have fully integrated cable routing.

Last year, CUBE already introduced a completely new carbon gravel series and this year the brand is expanding it even further with a new top model, the Nuroad C:62 SLT. This carbon gravel bike joins the existing C:62 SL, Race and Pro.

CUBE has also expanded the existing Cross Race series with a new and even lighter carbon frame, the Cross Race C:68X SLT. The frame of this light carbon cyclocross bike consists of 68% carbon and was developed together with the riders of Tormans XC Team. The C:68X carbon frame is also used for CUBE’s aero flagship, the Litening C:68X.

The Women Series has been expanded even further with a new carbon gravel bike, the Nuroad WS C:62. There are also carbon models of the Axial series: The Axial WS C:62 and the Axial WS GTC. The Axial WS C:62 SL has a new colour scheme, and the entire frame has been given a makeover, making it even more aerodynamic. It saves ten watts compared to the previous model, said CUBE.

In addition, all cables are fully integrated. CUBE has also played around with the bolts – there are now three on the down tube, so you can decide where you want to put your water bottle and there are also two bolts added to the bottom of the top tube. The Axials are now also available in size 47.

In the women-specific mountain bike segment of CUBE, there are also some developments. The Women-Specific Sting full-suspension series will be incorporated within the existing Stereo 120 series, and the Access WS hardtail will get a new frame. The kink in the top tube of the Access WS will disappear, giving it a straight top tube. And as with all other mountain bike models from CUBE, this series can also be easily equipped with lights, mudguards, a carrier and a kickstand.

All existing kids bikes have been updated with new colours. After the CUBE Stereo 120 Rookie, CUBE has also added the Stereo 140 Rookie to its range. The suspension system has been adapted to smaller riders so that they can enjoy the advantages of a full-suspension bike despite their lower weight.

Meanwhile, CUBE has also paid close attention to the weight of certain models. The CUBE Cubie 180, Acid 200 and Acid 240 are even lighter, and this has made them more agile. The Cubie 180 is now equipped with rim brakes and a fixed front fork.

CUBE has also introduced a new size for the CUBE Aim mountain bike. In the coming year, a 14in model will also be available.

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