Consultation begins on Cardiff’s draft Active Travel Network Map

A consultation on Cardiff’s draft Active Travel Network Map began yesterday, 9th August, after being discussed and approved by the council’s cabinet.

The aim is to increase the number of people walking or cycling to work from 31% to 43% by 2030.

The consultation will use the Welsh Government’s commonplace platform to consult with the public so residents can view the proposals and give their views through an online questionnaire.

The new, updated version of active travel in the city was revealed earlier in the month and includes:
– The latest information on a network of routes where segregated cycleways would be feasible
– Planned improvements to the Taff Trail, Ely Trail and Rhymney Trail
– Ensuring the council’s prioritised list of road safety schemes lock in with pedestrian improvement schemes and active travel routes
– Connecting the city’s 130 schools to the active travel network
– Continuing engagement with the public to Identify new active travel routes in the city

Having a 15-year vision is a statutory requirement for Local Authorities under the Active Travel Act, to ensure progress is being achieved across Wales and to determine where government funding is allocated. The plan includes a schedule of 280 infrastructure schemes that will form the basis of year-on-year plans across the city.

Following the consultation process and the feedback from the public, the new updated map will be submitted to Welsh Government Ministers in December 2021.

The consultation is an opportunity for people to provide their views on the proposals and suggest additional ideas that could be added to the final schedule of schemes submitted to Welsh Government.

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