Free one day events to take place in ten towns and cities

CTC teams with Crown Estates for free BikeAbility

The CTC has linked up with Crwon Estates to offer free BikeAbilitiy training in ten towns and cities this summer.

Beginning on July 4th and running to September 5th, the free one day ‘Thrive’ events will be followed a week later by BikeAbility training sessions run by local instructros.

To book yourself one of the 200 free places, get in touch with the booking team on 0844 736 8451 or 01483 238301.

Thrive and Bikeability event details:

4th July at MK1 Shopping & Leisure Park, Milton Keynes with Bikeability on 12th July 9-11am

11th July at the South Aylesford Retail Park, Maidstone with Bikeability on 19th July 9-11am

18th July at Queensgate, Harlow with Bikeability on 26th July 9-11am

25th July at Aintree Shopping Park, Liverpool with Bikeability on 2nd August 9-11am

1st August at the Coliseum Shopping Park, Ellsmere Port with Bikeability on 9th August 9-11am

8th August at the Silverlink Shopping Centre, Newcastle with Bikeability on 16th August 9-11am

15th August at the Fosse Shopping Park, Leicester with Bikeability on 23rd August 9-11am

22nd August at the Victoria Retail Park, Nottingham with Bikeability on 30th August 9-11am

29th August at the Ocean Shopping Park, Portsmouth with Bikeability on 6th September 9-11am

5th Sep Princesshay, Exeter with Bikeability on 13th September 9-11am 

Level 1 Bikeability training offers riders the chance to learn to master bike control. Training takes place away from cars and traffic so pupils have the freedom to focus on making the most out of your bike. Once completed, your Bikeability Level 1 red badge, will mean you’ll able to:

  • Fit your own helmet
  • Carry out a simple bike check
  • Get on your bike, start cycling, then stop and get off
  • Ride your bike using the gears
  • Make your bike go where you want it to, including moving around objects safely
  • Control the bike with one hand
  • Stop quickly if you need to
  • Look all around you when you’re riding, including behind, without wobbling

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