IBDs that stage shop rides, or other cycle-related events, may reap the benefits in extra business but there's always the risk an accident could lead to a compensation claim. CTC has created an insurance policy to cover organisers of non-race cycle events.

CTC launches insurance policy for cycling event organisers

Last year in the UK there were 670 000 personal injury claims. Compensation culture is on the rise.

With that in mind, CTC has created an insurance policy aimed at those organising cycling events, including rides.

Greg Woodford, CTC cycle training officer, said:

"Although the risk of being sued is low, concern about the growth of a compensation culture in the UK has led CTC to arrange insurance products that will cover everyone from a school teacher to a large organisation holding a charity ride."

To find out more about the various liability issues affecting organising cycle events, download the advice articles at http://www.ctc.org.uk/…/resources.aspx

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