With a carbon-fibre frame made in the same Chinese factory as Kestrel frames, a $1000 14-speed Rohloff hub, a Manitou Sherman freeride fork, proprietary trailing link rear suspension, and a curvy saddle called the ‘wave seat’, the Luca Bike is a head-turner, hence the pricetag.

$10k semi-recumbent full-suss folder rides the wave at Interbike

“We’re already selling them in Mercedes dealerships in Northern California,” claims the Luca Bike’s creator, Steven Ascher.

Upscale consumers don’t baulk at the price, he said. His bike is so different, folks buy for the exclusivity.

Yet Ascher has heady goals for his creation.

“I’d like to see them on every street corner,” he told BikeBiz.com from the Rohloff booth at Interbike Las Vegas.

Naturally, the price would need to come down but it’s an art price anyway, the frame is Chinese and costs $150. The four-belt drive system costs $400. The rest of the equipment only adds another few hundred dollars.

“The Luca Bike doesn’t cost $9000 to build but I wanted to start at $10 000 and then reduce the price when there was resistance. We got no resistance so the price is $10 000.”

Three years in development, the Luca Bike started selling three months ago. Ascher said he’s shifted ten to date. Luca stands for ‘Luxurious comfortable art’.

The bike is one-size fits all. The multi-adjustable ‘wave seat’ saddle pops off when the oversize QR is disengaged and the bike can be folded down into a smaller package.

“The elliptical pedaling motion places less stress on your knees and makes better use of the larger muscles in you legs and buttocks,” said Ascher.

“This allows you to ride longer, faster and with greater comfort.”


NB This website isn’t terribly exciting and certainly doesn’t look like the website of a bike that costs $10 000…


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