CSG’s “Cycling Prophet” rewards bike shop staff for product knowledge

Cycling Sports Group has launched CyclingProphet.com in Europe – this is an education-based rewards programme designed for retailers and their staff to become "CSG brand experts". The programme includes insider discounts on products.

"Whether it is seasoned staff looking for a refresher on CSG offerings, or new hires learning details about new products and unique selling tactics, Cycling Prophet helps create more confidence on the shop floor," said Yann Collet, CSG’s product training manager in Europe.

“Continuous and autonomous education is key to our success in the ever-changing cycling industry.

The programme has been running in North America for a year, and nearly 70,000 online classes have been taken to date. 99 percent of Cannondale dealers in the US have taken Cycling Prophet courses.

A statement from CSG said new training modules would be released on a monthly basis. As well as rolling out in the UK and the rest of the Europe the programme also becomes available in Brazil.

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