Comparison website dedicated to the customisation market goes live launches, seeks retail links has launched, differentiating itself by being the only comparison site dedicated to cycling parts and accessories where colour is the differentiating factor. 

Targetting the custom builder, the site is now keen to partner retailers across the country to promote stock and help sell to this colour conscious market.

Also on the site is a ‘Bike Shed’ that will encourage users to build their virtual dream bike online sourcing parts from the site’s partner retailers. Upon doing so, users will then have the option to save web store links to the parts and accessories they wish to buy later on a ‘wish list’ 

The idea for came about after keen cyclist, John Mollart, spent many months searching for coloured bike parts to complete a bike build project. There were several websites that worked solely by price comparison searches, but nothing for colour. John built on this idea with his friend and web designer Simon Talbot. 

“Being able to search for parts by colour sounds simple but, surprisingly, it wasn’t”, he says. "It has taken three years to get to the launch stage and now is the first cycling website that we know of to search for parts and accessories by colour.

“We contacted some major retailers to find out how we could make it easier and was the result.”

“We have now soft launched the site and we have some major consumer launch marketing activity in the pipeline. However, we are keen to invite retailers to get in touch and get involved,” he continues.

“We will help you promote your coloured bike part stock to a highly targeted and actively purchasing audience.”

You can follow the site’s progress on Twitter here.

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