Colnago proves own worst enemy on social media

Colnago ‘deeply regrets’ controversial image

Via social media, bike brand Colnago ignited a sexism firestorm by posting a picture of a woman cyclist bent over a bike with the words ‘ready for the weekend ride?’ at the end of last week.

The bike brand was promptly criticised for the post, with angry consumers vowing to give Colnago product a wide berth and in many cases users expressing surprise and disappointment that the brand could be so out of touch to make the post in the first place.

After initially ‘blocking’ Facebook users who criticised the posting, Colnago’s social media team have seen sense and apologised for the post.

However Colnago did not offend everyone with the posting, with (would you believe) mostly men saying there was nothing wrong with the post in the first place.

Here’s the apology from the brand: "Colnago deeply regrets the recent posting of an image and accompanying social media post that is offensive to women, and not at all appropriate. Colnago has long-supported women’s cycling and continues to provide such support, we do not condone sexism, on or off the bike, and sincerly apologize for posting the image.

"Our social media policies have been clarifed internally to prevent such posts from happening in the future. We respect all members of the Colnago community, and we appreciate the needed feedback many have provided to us on this matter."

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