Collaboration no.2 for Cane Creek and Craig Edwards on eeBrakes G4

Cane Creek Cycling Components has announced the release of a new generation of ultralight eeBrakes called eeBrakes G4.

The eeBrakes G4 contain a variety of iterative improvements over the last generation, including more clearance for up to 28mm tires, a revised center adjuster for easier use, machined aluminum badges instead of the previous plastic badges and the shoe bolts and cable fastening bolts have been updated from 4mm hex to T25 torx. The brakes also include a stiffer spring for better performance on bikes with internally routed cables.

Additionally, every part on the eeBrake G4 is CNC machined aluminum, allowing for an increased level of precision in the manufacturing process.

There is no change to the weight or performance profiles of the brake over previous generations, with a weight of 80 grams per end for regular mount.

“It’s tough to take a product like the eeBrake, which was already incredible in terms of weight, modulation and performance, and make it better,” said Brent Graves, president and CEO of Cane Creek. “But with the eeBrakes G4 we’ve done just that, with several improvements that increase compatibility, ease of use and the overall visual appeal of the brake.”

The G4 designation signifies the fourth generation of eeBrakes, which were originally designed and developed by components designer Craig Edwards. Edwards joined the Cane Creek team in October of 2016 as part of an exclusive deal for the company to take over manufacturing and distribution of the eeBrake.

Since the partnership began, Edwards has been hard at work with the Cane Creek team – collaborating not only on the eeBrake G4 but the recently released eeWings titanium crankset.

Unlike previous generations of the eeBrake, which were designed solely by Edwards, the G4 represents a collaboration between Edwards and the Cane Creek engineering, design and project management teams.

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