CNP’s marketing manager Ashley Brown tells BikeBiz about working with British Cycling, competition and manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

CNP: ‘We welcome new sports nutrition industry regulations’

How long has CNP been in the business?
CNP has been producing premium sports nutrition product for over 15 years and has revolutionised the way that world-class athletes recover from intense exercise. CNP has worked at the highest level of cycling over the past three years with Team Sky and Team GB to develop the best quality nutrition that ensures riders achieve peak condition. Any keen sports fan will see CNP used in endless sports on the world stage.

Can you tell us more about working with British Cycling and Team Sky?
They are both famous for Dave Brailsford’s ‘Marginal Gains’ philosophy where they leave no stone unturned in pursuit of success, and this includes nutrition. We are their chosen supplier of recovery product, bars, gels and supplements. We work closely with the team, using rider and staff feedback to create the products you see in the range today. Team Sky’s head of nutrition Nigel Mitchell works with our innovation team and scientists to ensure the most functional products possible.

Can you tell us about the CNP range?
The Endurance line-up is a complete range of nutritional supplements for before, during and after exercise. We have three bars, an energy drink, recovery drink, three gels, vitamins and oils. Our biggest sellers are bars, gels and powders, but we hope to educate the market on the importance of vitamins and oils. Whilst the range
is developed with elite athletes, they will help anyone be leaner, healthier and perform better.

And the products are UK manufactured?
We are very proud to be a British-based company, in Manchester, that is developing products for British athletes who are dominating sport on a global level.

What sets CNP products apart from the competition?
Quite simply the quality. Take our recovery products; not everyone realises that different proteins enter the body at different rates (like simple and complex carbs). Whey protein is quickly absorbed where caseins are more slowly absorbed, and our un denatured protein is not used by anyone else in the market. When you take a CNP recovery product you get fast and slow acting protein combination to improve recovery and aid weight management. We only use premium raw ingredients so consumers are far less likely to have digestive issues commonly associated with some nutritional supplements.

What processes does CNP go through when developing and introducing new products?
Our products must always pass through our quality filter. Every product must meet the approval of founder Kerry Kayes who demands the best. Exisiting products are always reviewed for taste, functionality and ease of use. At our innovation centre we liaise with athletes, coaches and our team works with leading nutritionists.

What new products have you got lined up?
We are really excited about the range as a whole, but personally I’m very excited about our Elite Hydro Gel, which we worked closely with Team Sky to develop. Nigel Mitchell found athletes using high volumes of gels sometimes had digestive problems, so we developed the first fruit-based gel combining high quality maltodextrin and fruit juice. This simplicity makes it easy for the gut to digest and electrolytes are delivered through coconut water. We use Team Sky feedback as an essential part of our NPD process. This is an example of our innovation centre producing a brand new product to the market that will offer retailers something unique to offer their customers and a great story behind it.

What are the benefits for dealers stocking CNP products?
CNP provides premium quality product and, we believe, the best tasting product available. Customers can buy the same product used by the likes of Bradley Wiggins.

How is the market developing?
As a whole the market is growing fast and with fast growth comes competition but not always from great brands. As a company operating our own food grade facility to an extremely high standard we welcome the new EFSA regulations that will govern the industry more closely for quality and false claims.

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