Turbo trainer brand offers unconditional lifetime warranty with many models

Chocolate Distribution signs up Kurt Kinetic Trainers

Chocolate Distribution has taken on Kurt Kinetic trainers from Minneapolis, USA.

Joining the upstart distributor’s porfolio of Nema and Rolf wheels, the trainer brand is the leading static bike trainer brand in North America.

In particular Kurt Kinetic claims to provide customers with 100 per cent leak proof products, the biggest flywheel on the market, the greatest stability and lowest operating temperature of any trainer on the market.

All Kurt Kinetic bike trainers come with an unconditional lifetime warranty with the following models available to UK customers:
– Rock and Roll – takes realism to a new level with the only trainer that delivers natural side-to-side motion
– Road Machine – one of the finest fluid trainers on the market
– Magnetic – claims to be the most superior magnetic trainer on the market
– Cyclone – dual fan design offers truer road like resistance and lasting durability

“The UK has been an important market for Kurt Kinetic, so finding a partner that shared our focus and was able to support the development of our product in this region was extremely important. Here at Kurt Kinetic we feel that Chocolate distribution is the right partner for us and we look forward to working with them to expand our market share in the UK,” said Bruce Fina, european sales and marketing at Kurt Kinetic.

Jeremy Crook, managing director at Chocolate distribution said: “At Chocolate distribution, we are continually looking for high quality products to bring to our customers in the UK. Kurt Kinetic bike trainers are the most realistic indoor turbo trainers on the market and we are excited to be able to offer such innovative products”.

Chocolate Distribution: 0871 231 9966

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