Campaign group launches “Insert Loved One Here” online photo tool

A campaign group has launched an online tool for use by cycle advocates to illustrate the often poor quality of UK cycling conditions. The Cycling Embassy Of Great Britain’s‘Insert Loved One Here’ tool adds a pair of sights to an uploaded photograph to indicate the often dangerous situations people are currently expected to cycle. The image can then be shared on social media or via emails to councillors and the like.

“We wouldn’t want our friends, family or loved ones to be exposed to danger yet this is what using cycling infrastructure in Britain routinely involves," said CEoGB chair Mark Treasure.

“A powerful way of shining a light on this kind of poor cycling infrastructure is to ask a simple question: would you want your loved ones cycling on it?”

He added:

“We hope people will share their examples of hostile or intimidating cycling environments, highlighting just how different they look when we imagine someone we care about using them.”

"[Local authorities] seem content to splash some paint on the road, satisfied that ‘cyclists’ have been catered for, but who are we actually designing for? 

"We would find the sight of a young child or an elderly woman in such dangerous situations pretty alarming, yet these are all standard types of design that you will find in any British town or city."

Images – once vetted by CEoGB – can be submitted to a gallery.

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