Brand unveils two iterations of the technology

Campagnolo launches Electronic Power Shift

Campagnolo has launched its Electronic Power Shift drive train range, consisting of two products – the Super Record EPS and Record EPS.

Both versions contain all the technology and solutions developed by Campagnolo and differ mainly in the use of different materials for the mechical components, with different weights and costs.

The mechanical components of the two units come from the ‘traditional’ Super Record and Record – crankset, sprockets, brakes and chain.

For the five electronic components of the drivetrain there are differences for the two products too, explained Campagnolo, differentiated by lighter weight, greater rigidity of the components, material, treatments and different technological solutions.

The brand said: "Campagnolo EPS, Electronic Power Shift, is an evolved electronic drivetrain system that, through artificial intelligence (DTI, Digital Tech Intelligence), is capable of translating the actions that the cyclist performs on the levers into digital signals, process them and control the coordinated movement of the derailleur and rear derailleur.

"The philosophy of the Campagnolo EPS project encompasses the uniqueness of the approach that the company uses for all of its projects. The EPS system possesses electronics that are centralised and not located in the parts, digital intelligence that communicates with the components and continuously send feedback, and control them.

"Centralised electronics means more stability to the system and less risk of failure and breakdowns due to falls.
The EPS drivetrain system is electronic, not electro-mechanical. Unlike electro-mechanical systems that translate electric impulses into mechanical action, by managing digital signals the EPS system processes incoming data with a firmware, and then manages them by continuously processing the feedback coming from the derailleur and the rear derailleur, communicating so as to obtain maximum performance and precision."

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