Steady growth has seen dip in reliance on cars, suggests council figures

Cambridge adds 88% to cycling numbers in a decade

Cambridge has added 88 per cent to its cycling figures inside a decade, reports the Cambridge-news.

Considered one of the UK’s favourable cities to cycle, the jump in cycling has coincided with a 15 per cent dip in motor traffic over the same period, though a five per cent rise was seen last year.

Steady annual rises in pedal power, such as the additional five per cent cycling in Cambridge in 2014 over 2013, has seen the city earn the UK’s highest modal share at 20 per cent, with ambitions to double that share. 

Bob Menzies, director of strategy and development at Cambridge County Council said: "The fact we have kept it (motor traffic flow) flat for 20 years compared to the national trend is a success. We have done that with the introduction of the park and rides and the guided bus and although traffic entry to Cambridge is up, it is lower that it was 10 years ago and we have seen big increases in cycling and bus passenger numbers on the guided busway against a background in growth in terms of economic success, which is a big driver of traffic.

"It would be wrong to say it had improved, but we have held our ground in terms of nationally in not getting too bad in the last 20 years, but we want to do much more with the city deal."

The council’s report also suggests the county’s nine market towns are helping boost the figures, with a 17 per cent increase in cycling levels between 2013 to 2014.

A driving group has reacted badly to the news, claiming that on street parking should be built with every new development to "help business." Studies have shown that they needn’t worry, with prior examples of cycle lanes replacing parking actually boosting trade, with cyclists making more trips and staying longer in shopping districts.

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