Wife Swap, Channel 4’s series about family life, is soon back for a third series. Want to take part? It'll involve ten days of filming. The production company is seeking a family mad on cycling and taking part in sport of all sorts. The family must have children of school age.

C4 seeks Fit family

RDF Media, producer of the Faking It series on Channel 4, has been re-commissioned to produce Wife Swap.

The series looks at how different families share parenting responsibilities, household duties and how they spend their time recreationally.

"In each episode we take two families and the women of the families swap homes and lives for 10 days. For the first five days they carry out the role of mum their have exchanged places with and follow her daily routine," assistsant producer Deborah Moore told BikeBiz.com.

"Then after five days of living by the host families rules each wife is then given the chance to enlighten her host family with her philosophy on life and introduce some new ideas to the family. This is a unique opportunity for all the family to experience a different way of life and to enjoy an insight into their own lives."

Moore wants to hear from families who love sport and physical activities, and have something positive to say about their family’s lifestyle.

"We are filming for the series in the next month so families need to be available to film with for a ten day consecutive period in the next few weeks," said Moore.

Tel: 020 7013 4485.

Email: Deborah.Moore@RDFMedia.com

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