Chris Murray, Queally's agent, will be calling BHIT today to clarify with the Reading-based charity that the Olympic gold medal winning cyclist is pro-helmet but cannot be used to endorse Eric Martlew's private members' bill. This follows yesterday's news that Nationwide is downgrading its support of BHIT because of its political lobbying activities.

Jason Queally does not support BHIT’s helmet-compulsion bill

Mainstream websites such as have been told that Jason Queally supports Martlew’s bill.

[See…/3623089.stm ]

In fact, the rider has not been consulted by BHIT about the bill, said Chris Murray, Queally’s agent.

"Jason wouldn’t ride his bike without his helmet and supports the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trusts aims to popularise cycle helmet wearing, but Jason has not been briefed about the specifics of the bill. I shall be calling BHIT today to clarify this position."

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