BYB Telemetry launches on Kickstarter

BYB Telemetry, a ‘high-end’ suspension monitoring system, has launched on Kickstarter.

It detects the motion of the suspension and other dynamic parameters of the MTB while riding and allows everyone to "visualise the movement of the suspension".

Through an analysis app, it tells riders how to tune the knobs of the suspension to provide the ‘perfect’ set-up, according to the needs of the rider and the track characteristic.     

Enrico Rodella, co-founder of BYB Telemetry, said: “Everyone would like to have a bike that can go smoothly through a technical section, like the ones of the world cup top riders.

“Unfortunately, this bliss is only for a few fortunate people. In reality, most of us struggle just in finding a decent suspension set-up.

“We designed BYB Telemetry because we want to give an intuitive and easy-to-use product for getting the best out my bike.” 

BYB Telemetry is available until 17th January on Kickstarter.

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