Buy kids’ bikes from specialist bike shops, urges cycle training biz

Cycle Training UK has some sound advice for parents and carers looking to buy childrens’ bikes this Christmas. "Buy from a bike shop which specialises in selling bikes," says the workers’ co-operative. Cycle Training UK has produced a wrapping-paper graphic with more such tips, including "A lovely bike needs more than a lock that looks like liquorice to secure it. Spend a bit more money and get a decent lock."

"If you are buying a new bike that’s very cheap," suggests the graphic, "you are probably just buying a ‘bicycle shaped object’."

London-based Cycle Training UK was founded in 1998 and has trained over 80,000 people to cycle skillfully and confidently on Greater London roads. 

 The "10 Tips for Buying a Bike" graphic is being shared on social media. "Merry Cycling," says the graphic.

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