Brompton announces regular production of nickel finish bikes

The London-based manufacturer of folding bikes has announced that the popular nickel finish model will now be produced in a regular small batch.

The nickel edition of the Brompton folding bike will sit separately to the customisable options available online due to the nature of the manufacturing process.

The nickel bikes will be made in small batches throughout the year, including a superlight version with a titanium fork and rear frame.

Brompton CMO, Stephen Loftus commented: “The Nickel Edition has proved very popular since its launch as a limited run in 2016. To meet the demand from our customers we have worked closely with our specialist plating partners to increase production. We are now pleased to announce that we are now able to release the nickel edition in small batches throughout 2017.”

The bike features polished 50 micron high-phosphorous electroless nickel plating, which creates a durable polished metal look. The nickel edition will be available with an S, M or H type handlebar and either two or six-speed gears.

Brompton is expected to do three to four small-batch productions in 2017 yielding around 1500 bikes in total.

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