British Cycling proposes amendments to its governance structure

British Cycling has announced proposals to amend its governance structures in order to comply with the new Code for Sports Governance.

Over the past few months, British Cycling’s board of directors has developed a proposal to re-structure the board. These recommendations have been presented to British Cycling’s regional councillors in the run up to an Extraordinary General Meeting, scheduled for July 22nd, at which the National Council will be asked to support amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association that will meet the requirements of the Code.

British Cycling chair Jonathan Browning commented: “The pace of change at British Cycling is unmatched elsewhere in sport. We are rapidly transforming our organisation and these important constitutional changes form part of that wider effort. We are delighted that the hard work and collaboration between British Cycling, UK Sport and Sport England over the past couple of months have resulted in an action plan we believe will bring us into compliance with the new Code for Sports Governance upon implementation.”

British Cycling president Bob Howden added: “These changes to our Memorandum and Articles of Association are necessary and timely. Every member of the National Council is intent on making British Cycling a world-class governing body. It is our belief that by ensuring that our organisation has professional, balanced governance, the whole of our sport will benefit – from the grassroots to the podium.”

Proposed changes to British Cycling’s governance include the board being established as the ultimate decision making body for British Cycling, the appointment of an independent chair by an open recruitment process and a re-structure of the board with an additional independent-appointed director and also directors nominated by Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling.

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