Download the PDFs here then post, email, or fax them to those MPs who say they will be voting YES to Eric Martlew's helmet compulsion Bill. But be quick, MPs vote on Friday afternoon. Many MPs will not have read the excellent research paper on the Bill from the House of Commons Library, these PDF posters direct them to do so...

Brick provides images for campaign aimed at Martlew-supporting MPs

Brick, the bicycle trade’s most prolific cartoonist, has produced two sets of cartoons for use in a last-minute poster/fax campaign aimed at MPs minded to vote for Martlew’s kid lid bill. The PDF posters could also be mailed to NO-voting MPs for them to wave about on Friday. As Tescos says, every little helps…

The TRIKE toon can be downloaded here:…/MartlewBillTrike.pdf

The TEACHER toon can be downloaded here:…/TeacherMartlewBrick.pdf

Here’s Brick’s website:


Here’s the text from the PDFs:

Child Helmet Bill will make bad law.

Eric Martlew’s Private Members’ Bill has been very poorly drafted. It would lead to a widely ignored law, meaning teachers, newsagents, parents and bike shop owners would be in line for £200 fines.

Read the House of Commons Library research paper on the Bill for the many, many flaws in BHIT’s statistics and the HUGE decrease in cycling that will result from helmet compulsion. If you truly care for children’s health, safety and well-being, vote NO on Friday to a Bill that ignores the bigger picture and will do a lot more harm than good.

Tiny tots on their trikes will have to wear helmets yet youngsters ripping along the pavement on motorised pedal-cars can go lid-free. This is just one of the many flaws in Mr Martlew’s Bill.

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust is not sponsored by any companies in the pro-helmet bicycle trade. Nationwide Building Society is withdrawing its sponsorship from BHIT. Cycle stars said to support Mr Martlew’s Bill have withdrawn their support. If you want to know why BHIT’s support base is crumbling, read

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