Bosch eBike Systems announces new products and features for MY23

Bosch eBike Systems has presented a host of new innovative features for the model year 2023.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, said: “Sustainable and safe mobility is becoming increasingly important, especially in cities: the e-bike is already demonstrating how extremely important it will be for the mobility of the future.

“Last year, we presented our vision for the connected e-bike and we have been continuously shaping it with new products and features ever since. The e-bike, from the e-cargo bike and the trekking e-bike to the e-MTB, is therefore becoming even more a part of our everyday digital life – and is becoming even safer thanks to our innovations.”

One year after presenting the smart system, Bosch eBike Systems has expanded its portfolio with various new drives, batteries, control units and features, as well as launching a new display. The Performance Line, Performance Line Speed and Cargo Line drive units are now also available on e-bikes with the smart system. In addition, the new PowerTubes 500 and 625 and the PowerPacks 545 and 725 will offer the optimum power for every situation.

All components in the smart system, consisting of the eBike Flow app, rechargeable battery, display, control unit and drive unit, are fully connected to each other and are kept up-to-date through regular digital updates.

The new products and features for model year 2023 ensure higher performance and greater safety. For many years, Bosch eBike Systems has been pursuing the goal of increasing road safety for e-bikers so that they can enjoy the flow in an even more relaxed way, and the new Bosch eBike ABS plays a central role here, said the brand. In the smart system, safer braking is now possible for every eBike category, and on different surfaces, thanks to different ABS modes.

The eBike Alarm provides greater theft protection and allows riders to park their e-bike more securely. The new alarm function, in conjunction with the new ConnectModule and eBike Lock, warns  owners in the event of attempted theft and allows the position of the eBike to be determined.

Bosch eBike Systems has worked together with e-mountain bike athletes to develop the ABS Trail. Designed to make braking on difficult terrain easier for new, casual and enthusiast e-mountain bikers alike, ABS Trail will help them refine their riding technique and boost their performance on the trails. The new Hill Hold function prevents the e-bike from rolling back unintentionally when pushing it uphill. The new System Controller and Mini Remote control units are ideal for sport-focused riding and also offer a minimalist and clean e-MTB look, said Bosch.

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For more safety and comfort when doing the weekly shopping or taking the kids to school, Bosch eBike Systems offers the new ABS Cargo and Cargo mode. Both are specifically designed to meet the requirements of e-cargo bikes. ABS Cargo enables faster, safer and more accurate braking, while the Cargo riding mode ensures that cargo bike riders can start smoothly and comfortably, even when carrying a full load.

Another new feature is Auto mode. Not just for e-cargo bikes, this riding mode is available for all e-bikes with the smart system. In this riding mode, the support provided by the drive is automatically adapted to the environmental conditions, for example, if there are headwinds or on uphill gradients, without e-bikers having to exert more effort or manually switch riding modes.

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