Bodytrak debuts at CES 2017

Bodytrak has launched its unique in-ear body monitoring platform at the Las Vegas show, which runs until January 8.

The device accurately measures multiple vital signs, core body temperature, heart rate, speed, distance and cadence continuously in real-time whilst in use. The first Bodytrak units are currently being trialed by a range of high-profile cycling teams, amongst a host of other athletes from other sporting disciplines.

Using the ear as a measuring site ­­– due to its proximity to the brain – enables Bodytrak to puck up accurate and immediate changes in the body. The brand claims the device is significantly more reliable and accurate than other wearables and wrist-based devices.

The data is sent from the Bodytrak wirelessly and in real-time to a cloud-based analytics program on a smart phone or tablet. This allows for physiological changes to be detected rapidly for earlier intervention and closer management of individual performance.

CEO at Bodytrak Leon Marsh commented: “Bodytrak has been proven in the lab and is well received amongst professional sports teams; it makes sense bring it to a wider group of enthusiasts. More of us than ever before are engaging in competitive sports and want to use technology to improve our performance.

“Bodytrak is the first comprehensive wearable to bring multiple vital sign tracking into one device, coupled with an analytics platform, which should prove attractive to those who take training and competition seriously and want to explore their performance limits.”

Bodytrak is expected to be available to the public in Summer 2017.

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