Museum of Liverpool to showcase Olympian's Lotus Sport super bike

Boardman’s back in Liverpool for Bike Week

Liverpudlian and Olympic Gold medallist Chris Boardman MBE will contribute to a special exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool.

Timed to coincide with Team Green Britain Bike Week, Boardman will present a number of items – including the famous self-modified Lotus Sport super bike and his first Tour de France yellow jersey from 1994 – to the museum tomorrow (Thursday June 24th). The items will join many priceless objects from sporting history in the museum, due to open in 2011.

“It’s great to be part of this fantastic project," Boardman enthused. "The building already looks very striking, and I can’t wait to see inside when it opens next year. The achievements of Liverpool and its people have been a massive inspiration to many, including myself, and our sporting success is just one part of the city’s heritage.”

Paul Gallagher, curator of contemporary collecting at National Museums Liverpool added: “Chris is very kindly loaning us three fantastic objects linked to two of the high points in his cycling career, to highlight his place in Liverpool and World sporting history within the Museum of Liverpool. 

“Chris is, and always will be, part of British cycling history, and we are extremely proud to be able to recognise his achievements in the Museum of Liverpool using objects which are integral to his personal story, and the sport as a whole.”

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