Mark Noble heads up 64page blend of a catalogue and magazine

BMX print isn’t dead: CSG launches ‘magalogue’

With BMX print publications sadly thin on the ground these days, distributor CSG UK has stepped into the fray with a 64page ‘BMX Magalogue’.

As the name suggests, it blends the product guide elements of a catalogue with a load of new exclusive magazine editorial.

It has been headed up by CSG’s BMX category manager Mark Noble – who edited Freestylee BMX Magazine in 1987 and launched Ride BMX Magazine in ’92.

Noble told BikeBiz: “We’ve started sending some out already along with orders, and bulk deliveries will start on Monday. All looking really good – feedback so far is very positive, dealers who have seen it are really into it.

“The thinking behind it was, we simply wanted to make a really cool new BMX print publication for our dealers and riders out there – BMXers still love decent print mags, and we’re sure dealers also appreciate having something free to give out to their customers, and we wanted to get our products out there and represented in media.

“We’ve put all our new 2016 BMX bikes, signature frames and P&A from all our brands in one place, all in an editorial style – featuring exclusive reviews of 169 different 2016 BMX products.

“Alongside the product sections, we’ve featured our team riders all going into detail about the bikes and gear they ride, all proper Bike Checks, plus interviews with the likes of Jason Colledge talking about the new BMX mag Endless, and Mat Hoffman discussing the plans for the 25th Anniversary of Hoffman Bikes. And it’s all free – free to bike shop dealers, and free to their customers and riders.”

8,000 copies have been printed.

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