Examples of code breakers preferred method of transport sought for exhibition

Bletchley Park seeks wartime bicycles

Wartime bicycles are being sought by a new restoration project in Buckinghamshire, as reported by the BBC.

Bletchley Park, Bucks – the home of the code breakers during World War II – is being restored to its wartime glory through cash from the Heritage Lottery Fund. As bikes were the code breakers preferred method of transport, the exhibition has asked for black bicycles with rod brakes from the period to be donated.

Beltchely Park director Simon Greenish said: “The means of transport for many of the code breakers was bicycles.

"Those who weren’t brought in by coach, from outlying areas all arrived here on bikes."

"We are trying to collect bicycles of that period, to reflect this and we have about six already.

"If you have a spare black bicycle, you will know it’s old because it will have rod brakes please donate it and it will go on display in the bike sheds."

Greenish revealed that at the time bikes were housed in sturdy sheds that put modern day counterparts to shame: "The bicycle sheds are an important part of Bletchley’s street scene, they are everywhere.

"They were built to a standard, much higher than now. They are proper brick built building whereas the code breaking huts were made of wood, with no insulation."

You can contact Bletchley Park here.

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